Filtered Smith Predictor Interactive Tool: An Unified approach for Dead-time Process Control.
by J. Normey-Rico, J.L. Guzmán, S. Dormido, M. Berenguel and E.F. Camacho

This project presents a unified methodology for dead-time process control combining theory from a recent book with a interactive tool specially developed for this purpose. The unified approach is based on a modified structure of the Smith predictor that allows to decouple the disturbance and set-point responses in order to tune the controller for a compromise between performance and robustness, being able to cope with unstable processes. Simple models normally used to represent the behavior of chemical processes around an operation point are used to tune the controller structure and to illustrate the principal concepts associated to performance-robustness analysis and the limitations on the closed-loop dynamics imposed by unstable dynamics and dead-times. Several examples and a final case study are used to illustrate the proposed tool and the methodology.

The tool is focused on understanding control ideas for dead-time processes and using the unified scheme described in the next section. This tool has been implemented in Sysquake, a Matlab-like language with fast execution and excellent facilities for interactive graphics.





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